Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sassy's Injury

Tuesday night the children were playing tag in the living room and our poor Ellie fell and hit her lip on the Lego table. I saw the whole thing and our girl fell hard! What followed next was a lot of blood and tears. She quickly recovered and after what seemed like forever, the bleeding ceased. She is such a tough girl. She handled the whole thing wonderfully and I know it was so painful. I loved how our big boys ran around trying to help after the accident. They got her the ice pack, her bunny and blanket and milk. I love how they love each other well, especially in times of distress! A few days later she is still swollen but healing nicely! Happy we were able to avoid stitches and an urgent care visit. 

Let's Play!

Another wonderful benefit of living in our neighborhood is the neighborhood playground! It is approximately 1 minute away (we can even walk there) and the children love it. It also has a nice open place where they can run free! Last Tuesday after homeschool classes, I let the children play for a bit on the playground before we had lunch. It actually felt like a Spring day and was so refreshing! 

 A picture Eric took later in the week when they went after dinner. Dare I say Spring is here?!

Church Picture

I love capturing a church picture when our babies are all dressed up! This particular Sunday was windy and more chilly than I had realized. Noni attended church with us and afterward we went to Culvers for lunch and ice-cream. A fun Sunday!

Snow Morning

We got our (hopefully) last snow a couple of weeks ago and the children were so excited to go play! 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hampton Turns 7

I cannot believe our Hampton Cole is 7. It still just has not hit me yet. He is my baby boy and forever will be. I like to tell Hampton his birth story. How one night, what I thought was just going to be a normal night, Hampton decided to arrive and how quickly it all went. How we were just sitting down to watch television and all of the sudden 3 hours later we had this precious boy in our arms. It has been a wonderful 7 years. 
 Hampton, you are so funny. You love to make us all laugh. And you love to laugh. No one can cause you to giggle more than your Daddy. You just get him. And he is your buddy. I love the relationship you both have. 
 And you love to snuggle with your mama. No matter what you are doing, if I reach out for a hug or a kiss, you lean you and I believe our hearts both swell. You have a tenderness and sweetness that I just cannot explain. It is such a gift. 
 You excel in your schoolwork and are reading well beyond your grade level. Almost 2 years into formal school now and you still need to be reminded everyday that "yes Hampton, we are doing school today." You are incredibly bright and an abstract thinker. 
And Everett is your best buddy for life. You adore him and you two are just the best of friends. I love watching your relationship continue to grow.
Hampton, you are a shining light in this little family of ours. We love you so!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Funny Valentines

Sweet Baboo

I cannot believe our fourth baby, the baby of our family, has now turned four. What a sweet one he is. Sweet, full of energy, and has a will like no other. He has strong opinions, is very bright and loves to play. His biggest love of all continues to be Mickey Mouse. He loves anything and everything Mickey. 
He is in the 25th percentile for height and weight and seems to be falling in line with our other boys. 
We love this boy and he certainly keeps us on our toes!
Happy Birthday our sweet baboo.